Refinishing Services

Transform your beloved guitars and bass guitars into stunning works of art with our custom refinishing services.

  • Guitar Refinishing Services: Nitro, Poly, Shellac & Oil finishes
  • Guitar & Bass Refinishing Services - Custom Shop
Classic D Series Custom Made Acoustic Guitar

A full range of styles and materials

From vintage nitrocellulose finishes to modern high gloss oil finish, our skilled craftsmen are here to bring your vision to life.

From flawless finishes to intricate designs, we meticulously restore and refinish your instrument using the finest materials and techniques. With our attention to detail and passion for excellence, we ensure that every guitar and bass receives the care and artistry it deserves. Trust us to unlock the full potential of your instrument and let it shine like never before.

Experience the magic of custom refinishing and elevate your playing experience today.

  • Place the order online

    Place the order online. We will review it and confirm the timeline based on your specs.

  • Ship to us

    Prepare and ship your guitar or bass to our workshop.

  • Wait for delivery

    We will ship the finished instrument to your shipping address.

Payment Terms

We offer an affordable payment terms for all custom shop services based on proof of work.

Instead of having to pay the refinishing service in a single payment at the beginning, we divide the cost into 2 payments that you will pay as the service is finished.

  • 25% Deposit

    The initial payment confirms your refinishing order.

  • 75% Before Shipping

    Last payment is required to ship your finished guitar or bass to your shipping address.